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All nursing students deserve an increase

10 October 2001

Nursing Standard


In response to Paul Denny (letters September 26), he seems to forget to mention degree nursing students when he calls for an increase in the diploma students'...

Exploring the role of advanced nurse practitioners in leadership

20 April 2018

Nursing Standard


There have been several changes to healthcare services in the UK over recent years, with rising NHS costs and increasing demands on healthcare professionals to...

Naso-Gastric feeding in intensive care

01 June 1998

Paediatric Nursing

Clinical enteral feeding

Malnutrition in children in paediatric intensive care can be caused by many factors. This article addresses the issues arising from the use of naso-gastric feeding...

The Integrated Children’s System: challenges of information sharing

01 December 2005

Paediatric Nursing


Information has to be shared within and between agencies if Every Child Matters (DH 2003a) is to bring real benefits to children in need and their families. The...