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Role of the nurse in stroke rehabilitation

22 August 2018

Nursing Standard


Stroke is a leading cause of death and adult disability in the UK. A stroke can have significant negative effects on the lives of patients and their families and...

Role of the nurse in acute stroke care

30 March 2020

Nursing Standard


The recognition of stroke as a medical emergency, provision of specialist services and advances in treatments have contributed to a decrease in stroke-related...

Selection and management of central venous access devices

21 July 2020

Nursing Standard


Vascular access is an important aspect of patient care and management in all areas of healthcare. Safe, efficient and reliable venous access may require a central...

Identifying and managing acute kidney injury

11 July 2022

Nursing Standard


Acute kidney injury, previously referred to as acute renal failure, is a common and often preventable condition that is seen in patients in acute and primary care...