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Nursing students and elder abuse: developing a learning resource

01 March 2007

Nursing Older People


This article describes the development of a learning resource designed to increase awareness of elder abuse among nursing students. The learning resource combines...

Improved safeguarding of older people through inter-agency learning

30 December 2012

Nursing Older People

A&S Science

Elder abuse remains a significant problem nationally and globally. Early definitions of abuse, however, oversimplified the phenomena and while the complexity of...

Identifying, reporting and preventing elder abuse in the practice setting

23 July 2008

Nursing Standard


The purpose of this article is to raise awareness of elder abuse as an issue and its changing policy and legislative context. It highlights nurses’ roles and...

Developing a new post for nurses to identify cases of domestic abuse

01 June 2013

Emergency Nurse

Art & Science

Nurses working in emergency departments (EDs) need specialist training to identify and respond appropriately to patients who have experienced domestic abuse (Gibbons...

How domestic abuse affects the wellbeing of older women

01 June 2010

Nursing Older People

A&S Science

Aim The aim of this study was to explore older women’s experience of domestic abuse and its effect on their health and lives. Method A qualitative research design...

Nursing students’ experiences of care

23 September 2009

Nursing Older People


Aim This study aimed to explore nursing students’ experiences of caring for older people in practice and to examine the factors that affected their perceptions of...