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Nursing research in context: appreciation, application and professional development

01 June 2004

Nurse Researcher

Book Review

Let’s begin with what this book is not. This is, strictly speaking, not a ‘how to do research’ type book. It will not introduce the new researcher to the various...

Interactive qualitative analysis: a systems method for qualitative research

01 June 2005

Nurse Researcher

Book Review

Both authors work at the University of Texas at Austin, and neither has a background in healthcare research. The stated aim of their text is to: ‘help students...

Qualitative Research: Theory, Method and Practice

01 June 2005

Nurse Researcher

Book Review

This book represents an extensive revision and updating of the 1997 first edition. It includes five new chapters commissioned for this volume. It is intended to be a...

The Research Process in Nursing

01 March 2007

Nurse Researcher

Book Review

Although there are an increasing number of texts available to nurses in respect of research, The Research Process in Nursing makes a unique contribution. It has...

Research Methods in Health. Investigating Health and Health Services

01 December 2002

Nurse Researcher

Issue and resarch

Qualitative Research Practice

01 March 2008

Nurse Researcher

Book Review

This book is jam-packed with a wide range of material related to qualitative research. The editors and contributors are drawn from a wide international background,...

Making the most of time

01 December 2004

Nurse Researcher

Back to basics

Undertaking an MPhil or PhD requires the student to develop many different skills, including the all important skill of time management (Crofts 2002). At first...

Teaching practical skills: a guide for preceptors

09 April 1997

Nursing Standard

Nurse education

Nursing is about doing as well as knowing. There is concern that while nurses qualifying under the 1992 programmes of education possess greater theoretical knowledge...

Reviewing the literature: a guide for students

22 July 1998

Nursing Standard

Professional development

For any student, the skill of reviewing the literature is central to success on his or her course of study. For nursing and midwifery students, the ability to...

Autoimmune disorders

26 June 2002

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Autoimmune disorders affect people of all ages, ethnicity, social class and gender. The authors briefly review the normal immune response and consider how this might...
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