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Role of the addiction clinical nurse specialist in acute hospital settings

29 April 2024

Nursing Standard

Care experience

Background The role of an addiction clinical nurse specialist (ACNS) is focused on individuals who misuse drugs and alcohol, and several benefits of the role have...

Importance and use of correlational research

18 July 2016

Nurse Researcher

Evidence & practice

Background The importance of correlational research has been reported in the literature yet few research texts discuss design in any detail. Aim To discuss important...

Increasing awareness of bullying through small-scale initiatives in higher education

23 November 2022

Nursing Management


Employees are entitled to work in an environment that upholds their dignity and respect, but bullying still exists in many disciplines, including in nurse education...

Critical preparation and readiness to support future change

22 May 2018

Nursing Management

Change management

The challenging nature of change is well documented and adequate preparation before implementing a change initiative is critical to reducing resistance and...