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Qualitative Nursing Research

15 May 1991

Nursing Standard

Book Review

Schooled in the traditions of conventional science, I have found it difficult to get to grips with qualitative research. Although no longer sceptical, and now quite...

Conducting and using nursing research in the clinical setting

06 March 1991

Nursing Standard

Book reivew

From the title, and prefatorial remarks, I had hopes of a distinctly clinically orientated research text with real appeal for practising nurses, and with as much...

Primary Care Research

06 November 1991

Nursing Standard

Book Review

Primary Care Research: Traditional and Innovative Approaches is the first in a new series of SAGE monographs on Research Methods for Primary Care.

Open AccessShifting the paradigm

30 September 2020

Nursing Standard


In a stirring editorial in 2018 to launch the global Nursing Now campaign, its executive director Barbara Stilwell and colleague Jane Salvage incited us to seize the...