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Promoting health

01 December 2008

Emergency Nurse


Historically, health promotion has been regarded as a marginal hospital activity (Tones and Tilford 2001). But, as the concept of health promotion has changed from...

Vital Notes for Nurses: Accountability

01 March 2007

Nurse Researcher

Book Review

My knowledge and understanding of accountability is limited to the everyday, and could best be described as a ‘working knowledge’. Thus, I came to this book with an...

Doing qualitative research

01 March 2011

Nurse Researcher

Book Review

Professor Silverman’s reputation in the world of qualitative research precedes him and I am mindful of his status as I write this review. I am similarly mindful of...

The limitations of well men clinics for health education

16 April 1997

Nursing Standard


In Pehl’s study of men’s health (1991), the impetus and justification for well men clinics was seen to stem from epidemiological data relating to the physical risks...

How to empower patients, and involve the public

24 September 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Patient empowerment and patient and public involvement are a focus for NHS policy, with an emphasis on patient decision making and representation as core features of...

The conceptual framework and the iterative elements of doctoral nursing research design

27 February 2020

Nurse Researcher

study design

Background Conceptual frameworks are central to doctoral nursing theses; they include the pragmatic and philosophical elements of the research design and their...

Effect of simulated learning on blood pressure measurement skills

24 October 2012

Nursing Standard

A&S Science

Aim To explore whether additional teaching and simulated learning of one-hour duration could improve the blood pressure measurement skills of nursing students....

Conceptual frameworks and terminology in doctoral nursing research

13 November 2015

Nurse Researcher

Conceptual frameworks

Aim To define conceptual frameworks and their inherent dichotomies, and integrate them with concomitant concepts to help early nursing doctoral researchers to...

Reviews and round-up

01 January 2007

Nurse Researcher

Book Review

A regular look at recent publications relevant to health care and nursing research