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Improving health care through Payment by Results

23 May 2007

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Nursing faces new opportunities and challenges as part of the government’s initiative to introduce Payment by Results. These opportunities arise from increasing...

Managed care: a structured approach

08 January 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

The authors developed a model of clinical nurse management based on the concept of managed care. This article, which describes the model, is intended to encourage...

Constructing a middle-range theory to explain the uptake of hepatitis C tests in prison

18 March 2021

Nurse Researcher

Mixed methods

Background Realist evaluation is increasingly used in healthcare research, and theories can provide plausible explanations of why interventions work or do not work...

The construction of context-mechanisms-outcomes in realistic evaluation

14 January 2015

Nurse Researcher

Aggression management

Aim To discuss the construction of context-mechanisms-outcomes (CMOs) developed as part of a realistic evaluation study of two aggression management training...

The development of simulated learning environments involving coroner’s court attendance in mental health nursing education

17 September 2019

Mental Health Practice

evidence and practice

Simulated learning environments (SLEs) provide students with the opportunity to experience complex practice elements with minimal professional risks. This article...