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Silence and the narrative research interview

09 December 2021

Nurse Researcher


In a recent Nurse Researcher article, Durkin et al (2020) describe the challenges Durkin encountered as part of a doctoral study which involved narrative interviews...

Email correspondence, interpretation and the psychoanalytically informed research interview

20 January 2022

Nurse Researcher

Qualitative interviews

Background Approaching qualitative interviews using principles drawn from psychoanalytic therapy can assist nurse researchers in developing nuanced accounts of...

Psychoanalytic therapy and narrative research interviewing: some reflections

16 August 2022

Nurse Researcher


Background This article focuses on approaches to qualitative research interviewing that draw direct inspiration from psychoanalytic therapy. The reflective...

Providing specialist clinical support for adoptive parents and adoption professionals

20 September 2022

Mental Health Practice


Children who are adopted are at greater risk of experiencing mental health issues than their nonadopted peers. This has influenced the development of dedicated care...

Mental health service provision for single homeless people: findings from a freedom of information-based study

15 November 2022

Mental Health Practice

evidence and practice

Background Homeless people are at increased risk of developing mental health conditions and mental ill-health can be a precipitating factor for episodes of...

Young people’s views on specialist mental healthcare and remote delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic

05 April 2022

Mental Health Practice

evidence and practice

This article reports findings from a service evaluation involving interviews with 16 young people under the care of a single specialist child and adolescent mental...