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Use of subcutaneous fluids in palliative care with children: a case study

15 June 2020

Nursing Children and Young People

end of life care

Quality of life is a major consideration in children’s palliative care, particularly at the end of life. Optimal symptom management is crucial in maintaining quality...

Barriers to health promotion with overweight or obese children, young people and their families

23 May 2022

Nursing Children and Young People

evidence and practice

Childhood obesity is a worldwide public health issue requiring sustained health promotion efforts by multiple healthcare professionals. Children’s nurses are the...

Using mobile phones, WhatsApp and phone interviews to explore how children’s hospice nurses manage long-term relationships with parents: a feasibility pilot

04 August 2022

Nurse Researcher

evidence and practice

Background Mobile phones are familiar to most nurses, but the applications available for voice recording and transfer of audio files in research may not be. Aim To...