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Methodological and hermeneutic reduction – a study of Finnish multiple-birth families

14 July 2015

Nurse Researcher


Aim To describe reduction as a method in methodological and hermeneutic reduction and the hermeneutic circle using van Manen’s principles, with the empirical example...

Levels of reduction in van Manen’s phenomenological hermeneutic method: an empirical example

15 May 2015

Nurse Researcher


Aim To describe reduction as a method using van Manen’s phenomenological hermeneutic research approach. Background Reduction involves several levels that can be...

van Manen’s method and reduction in a phenomenological hermeneutic study

18 March 2015

Nurse Researcher


Aim To describe van Manen’s method and concept of reduction in a study that used a phenomenological hermeneutic approach. Background Nurse researchers have used van...