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Hospitals must note patients’ ethnicity

19 April 1995

Nursing Standard

News file

From April 5 the Department of Health has directed that the collection of ethnic group data becomes a mandatory requirement for in patient and day patients in...

First among equals

04 January 1995

Nursing Standard

Feature profile

I’d like to be remembered as someone who made some positive changes, not just for black people, but for women, disabled people and all thosewho suffer prejudice,’...

Race to be first on profession’s agenda

08 February 1995

Nursing Standard


In response to letters from Barbara Vaughan and Mandy Leaman (January 25), perhaps some clarification is needed if there are nurses who took offence to the article,...

Nurses’ role in good health services for all

31 May 1995

Nursing Standard


The race and ethnicity subcommittee’s breakfast meeting attracted 30 members from a range of backgrounds and clinical specialisms.

Forging ahead with positive action

30 November 1994

Nursing Standard

News file

Black and ethnic minority members of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) came together recently to set up an exciting new group - the Positive Action Group for Black...

Meeting all our maternity needs

29 June 1994

Nursing Standard

News file

MATERNITY services are often the first point of contact that many women from ethnic minority communities have with the health service. So it is important that those...

Being reflexive in research and clinical practice: a practical example

01 June 2022

Nurse Researcher

Practice overlap

Background Reflexivity is an invaluable skill for nurses and researchers, as it assists in closing the gap between research and practice and improves nursing...