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One of the greatest 3 challenges to nursing

09 July 1988

Nursing Standard


The malnourished figure of an Ethiopian child; the frightened face of a child caught up in the fighting in Lebanon; flies from open sewers pestering a baby in a...

Listening to children

29 November 1995

Nursing Standard

Feature nursing standard nurse 95 award

I believe in nurses. I feel that nursing is a profession that has some very important attributes to offer the world. I feel that we are in an exciting period where,...

Have knowledge, will travel

20 May 1989

Nursing Standard


It is rather surprising for many nurses in this country to discover that the United Kingdom is one of the best places in the world to train to work in the developing...

Course campaign

29 July 1989

Nursing Standard


For some time I have been campaigning for a course for nurses which is in between the MSc level course and more substantial than the introductory course for nurses...

Little or no attention

28 August 1991

Nursing Standard

Viewpoint cambodia

Some of the most heart-rending pictures on our television screens and in our newspapers have been those of the Kurdish refugee children and their parents struggling...

Spreading the word

15 June 1994

Nursing Standard

Viewpoint debate

After five years working in the developing world I would like to suggest that even though we live in a society which is post-Christian, in the UK nursing is...

A Resource centre for parents and professionals

01 July 1996

Paediatric Nursing


What happens after the parents of young children have been told that their child has special needs? The parents I have spoken to say that they feel helpless. They...

Open AccessPublic involvement in participatory research: the experiences of peer interviewers from Roma, Gypsy and Traveller communities

03 February 2022

Nurse Researcher

Participatory research

Background A vital component of research is patient and public involvement (PPI). The challenges of PPI increase when conducting cross-cultural research into...