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Newly qualified and into the community?

01 November 2000

Paediatric Nursing

A&S Science

The extent to which newly qualified children’s nurses obtain their first jobs in the community, and the reasons why most do not do so, were explored as part of a...

A multi-stage approach to the coding of data from open-ended questions

01 September 1996

Nurse Researcher

Issues in research

One of the criticisms of qualitative research is that the processes and procedures of data analysis tire often not made explicit (1). This criticism is particularly...

Reaching a consensus on service-user involvement in courses for professionals

25 July 2014

Nurse Researcher

Group technique

Aim To describe how a workshop that used a modified nominal group technique (NGT) was used at the end of a research project to develop a standard of education and...

Researching the careers of diploma qualified mental health nurses

01 May 2000

Mental Health Practice


Career pathways for mental health nurses have become increasingly diverse in recent years with the move towards community service provision and the emergence of...

Researching the careers of diploma-qualified children’s nurses

01 October 2000

Paediatric Nursing

Forum careers

Career pathways for children’s nurses are expanding with the increase in number of community paediatric nursing teams (Whiting 1997) and the development of...

Researching the careers of diploma qualified learning disability nurses

01 January 2000

Learning Disability Practice


CAREERS PATHWAYS FOR learning disability nurses are reported to be expanding, with residential homes now managed by a variety of agencies (Hyde and Kerry 1997), and...