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Research notes

05 June 2002

Nursing Standard


I am currently funded by Cancer Research UK to focus on the problem of menopause in breast cancer. Women who have had breast cancer are advised not to have hormone...

Treatment at home is a boon to women with breast cancer

31 August 2010

Nursing Standard


Having conducted qualitative research into whether patients prefer intravenous (IV) or oral bisphosphonate treatment for metastatic breast cancer, we know that a...

Alternative Medicine? A History

20 February 2008

Nursing Standard

Book review

Roberta Bivins, Wellcome lecturer in the history of medicine at Cardiff University, takes a scholarly journey from east to west, exploring medical traditions and...

The Secret History of a Woman Patient - Discoveries of a Breast Cancer Survivor

20 June 2007

Nursing Standard

Book review

I dread patient stories about their cancer experience. They so often focus exclusively on their own journey and their writing is used as catharsis or to spread...

Breast Cancer – Answers at Your Fingertips

08 July 2009

Nursing Standard

Book review

This book is packed with useful, accurate and straightforward information, and will undoubtedly be extremely helpful to the many women with breast cancer.

The risks of breast cancer screening are downplayed

02 November 2011

Nursing Standard


Elizabeth Lynch looks at the risks and benefits of breast cancer screening (features October 19) but, if anything, she underplays the risks.

The Little Things That Make a Big Difference – Written by People Living with Secondary Breast Cancer

08 August 2012

Nursing Standard

Book review

If breast cancer comes back, how do you cope? This brave little book features quotes from people who know what to do, because they have lived through it.

Can case management improve cancer care?

10 March 2016

Cancer Nursing Practice

Art & Science

In 2012, Macmillan Cancer Support partnered with 15 NHS health providers in the UK to fund new ways of delivering supportive care to cancer patients in the...

Open AccessPublic involvement in participatory research: the experiences of peer interviewers from Roma, Gypsy and Traveller communities

03 February 2022

Nurse Researcher

Participatory research

Background A vital component of research is patient and public involvement (PPI). The challenges of PPI increase when conducting cross-cultural research into...