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IT for health professionals

01 September 2003

Primary Health Care

Book Review

This useful book will help nurses who are inexperienced in the field of IT to develop their knowledge and competence for practice. The book firmly focuses on the...

Practical management of depression in older people

01 September 2002

Primary Health Care

Book Review

Although this book has been written in an easy to read format, it appears to be aimed at an audience with at least a basic knowledge of depression with a possible...

Community clinicians’ views about patient adherence to osteoporosis medication

23 July 2018

Nursing Older People

Long-term conditions

Anecdotal and research evidence suggests that poor adherence and persistence with oral bisphosphonates can result in patients being at increased risk of osteoporotic...

A nurse’s survival guide to primary care

01 May 2000

Primary Health Care


This is an interesting readable book, predominantly targeted at both students and qualified nurses new to primary care. It provides an overall, but brief insight...