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Small caring gesture of touch can have a big effect

18 July 2006

Nursing Standard


I was warmed to read nursing student Christopher Khuoge’s comments on the benefits of offering the human touch to a patient in his care (starting out July 5)....

Demonstrating empathy when communicating with older people

12 January 2022

Nursing Older People

empathic communication

Empathy is an integral aspect of communication with older people and is central to person-centred care. As part of the provision of person-centred care, empathy...

Exploring self-awareness in mental health practice

13 November 2008

Mental Health Practice


Self-awareness is integral to the development of mental health practitioners. This article defines the concept and considers how it can be nurtured, particularly in...

Reflective practice: a meaningful task for students

09 March 2005

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Aims To ascertain whether students found reflection to be a meaningful activity, whether there are perceived benefits associated with reflective practice and whether...

Promoting self-awareness in nurses to improve nursing practice

18 April 2007

Nursing Standard


This article explores the concept of self-awareness and describes how it can be beneficial to nurses on a personal and professional level. Practical tools such as...

Community profiling as part of a health needs assessment

09 January 2008

Nursing Standard


This article discusses community profiling and how it can be used to assess health priorities. The concept and different definitions of health are explored. There is...

Using Heidegger’s philosophy of dasein to support person-centred research

22 November 2021

Nurse Researcher


Background Locating and explicating philosophical frameworks, which enable a person-centred approach, is important for nurses undertaking research to respect and...

Using extant literature in a grounded theory study: a personal account

18 March 2015

Nurse Researcher

Decision-making process

Aim To provide a personal account of the factors in a doctoral study that led to the adoption of classic grounded theory principles relating to the use of...

Effective communication with older people

29 May 2019

Nursing Older People


Effective communication with older people is an important aspect of nursing practice. Ineffective communication can lead to older people feeling inadequate,...