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Healthcare Professionalism: Improving Practice through Reflections on Workplace Dilemmas

14 September 2017

Emergency Nurse

Book Review

This book may appear to be a ‘stiff read’, given its topic and the density of the text, but I waded through it with ease.

People with dementia need care champions

29 November 2011

Nursing Older People


The complexity of residents’ needs in care homes and the importance of a 24-hour registered nurse presence have been highlighted by Hazel Heath (Nursing Older...

Let’s explode the myths about dementia diagnosis

24 February 2012

Nursing Older People


An old wives’ tale is a widely held traditional belief that is now thought to be unscientific or incorrect. However, it sometimes feels that dementia care is still...

Introduction to the dementia series

13 May 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

A NEW SERIES of articles in Nursing Standard, starting this week, aims to help nurses understand the multifaceted nature of dementia. This introduction outlines the...

Advance care planning in dementia

19 August 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Advance care planning is the basis for delivering person-centred end of life care that accords with the wishes of the individual. It is important to support people...

Palliative and end of life care for people with dementia

03 February 2016

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Dementia is a life-limiting condition that is largely a disease of ageing. However, older people in general, and older people with dementia in particular, have not...

Differentiating between dementia, delirium and depression in older people

25 November 2019

Nursing Standard

mental health

Older people can find hospital stays challenging and distressing. When their presenting symptoms make it challenging for healthcare professionals to differentiate...

Be aware of dementia

05 May 2022

Mental Health Practice


Around 900,000 people in the UK are living with dementia, recent research shows, with the figure expected to rise to 1 million people in the next three years and 2...

Assessing and managing pain in older people with dementia

14 August 2023

Nursing Standard

Care experience

There is little evidence to suggest that people with dementia experience less pain than those without dementia, however they are less likely to report their pain due...

Open AccessA relationship-centred approach to managing pain in dementia

29 January 2018

Nursing Older People

Evidence & practice

The presence of pain in a person with dementia can often be missed. The diagnosis of dementia can overshadow the pain-inducing symptoms of other co-morbid conditions...