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Public health measurement

01 February 1997

Nursing Management

Clinical effectiveness

Nurses are a key resource in primary and community care, but their optimum use has not been well established. However, interest in the development of public health...

Evidence based nursing

01 March 1997

Nursing Management

Keywords: clinical effectiveness

There is a recent awareness within the NHS regarding the effectiveness of clinical interventions. Clinical effectiveness is certainly the buzzword at the moment and...

Supervise to practise

01 November 1997

Nursing Management

Supervise to practise

Clinical supervision is an organised system of professional support. Midwifery, and other disciplines such as occupational therapy, have already established a method...

From theory to practice: capturing the uniqueness of nursing

01 February 2006

Nursing Older People


This article describes a research study that explored the informal practice theories of nurses working with older people and the sources of those theories, and...

Developing a culture of relationship-centred care in a care home group

29 September 2016

Nursing Older People

Evidence & practice

This article outlines the development of a new way of working across a group of care homes in south east Wales, based on a philosophy of relationship-centred care...

A force to be reckoned with? Specialist child and adolescent mental health nurses:

01 October 2001

Mental Health Practice

Research & practice

● Nurses can and do play an important role in CAMHS. ● Nurses working in CAMHS should undertake specialist training in child and adolescent mental health nursing...