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Focus on ageism

01 February 1997

Elderly Care

Briefing RCN news

The term ‘ageism’ is used to describe the discrimination and undesirable prejudices associated with old age. Racism and sexism are familiar concepts and very few...

The Experiences of Mental Health In-patient Care: narratives from service users, carers and professionals

01 March 2008

Nurse Researcher

Book Review

While the title of this book adequately reflects the content, it falls short of capturing the novel approach the editors have taken to portraying mental health...

Defining dementia

01 October 1998

Nursing Older People

Briefing RCN news

Recently, as part of my university responsibilities, I was involved in the supervision of students on their ‘mental health’ placement. During one of my visits to a...

Recreation is not a luxury

01 November 1993

Elderly Care

Activity nursing

In 1991 the Northern Health and Social Services Board, Loughside Unit of Management, opened its lust Nursing Development Unit in Ward 5 at Whiteabbey Hospital,...

Assessment and continuing care

01 December 1997

Elderly Care

Nursing practise

Much has been written concerning the changing nature of continuing care. Indeed, as with the demographic data which has been used to fuel the debate, much of the...

The effect of a leadership support programme on care home managers

29 January 2018

Nursing Older People

Evidence & practice

Aim To explore the effect of the My Home Life 12-month leadership support programme on care home managers’ leadership skills and professional development, and their...

Listening to carers’ views on stroke services

31 January 2014

Nursing Older People

Art & Science

Aim The aim of this study was to explore how members of a stroke carers’ support group perceived that services for stroke patients and their carers could be...

Management of patients with mental health needs

03 September 2014

Emergency Nurse

Art & Science

This article presents findings from the first phase of a two-part study that examined the knowledge and experience of emergency department (ED) staff who work with...