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Essential Paediatrics in Primary Care

26 August 2014

Primary Health Care

Book Review

DESIGNED FOR GPs, this book has a medical focus. It will be useful as a clinic reference or resource for health visitors, nurse practitioners and practice nurses who...

Everything you need to know about bird flu and what you can do to prepare for it

01 April 2007

Primary Health Care

Book Review

This handy and timely book, written to inform the general public, will be an easy read for nurses. Essentially it does what it says in the title. It gives a measured...

Take politics out of the NHS

07 June 2011

Primary Health Care


Did you take part in last month’s local elections? Some of us will have voted for local town or county councillors and some perhaps for Welsh assembly members or...

Leading by example

25 July 2018

Primary Health Care


We can all name people who we think are good or even great leaders. Often people cite Winston Churchill or Florence Nightingale. These people had vision,...

Applying public health theory to practice in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

09 November 2021

Primary Health Care

public health messaging

Public health has a long history and a contested meaning. Furthermore, public health operates in a social context and its messages may be rejected by the public....

Tackling Child Obesity with HENRY

01 May 2010

Primary Health Care

Book review

THIS CLEARLY laid out book provides an overview of the heNry (health, exercise, Nutrition for the really young) approach to enable practitioners explore with parents...

Applying transformational leadership in nursing practice

16 December 2019

Nursing Standard


The updated Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) standards of proficiency for nurses emphasise the importance of nurse leadership, while the NHS has also developed...

A preceptorship toolkit for nurse managers, teams and healthcare organisations

08 July 2020

Nursing Management

Staff development

The transition from student to newly qualified nurse can be challenging. A period of preceptorship is recommended to support newly qualified nurses in their new work...