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A role model for us all

01 May 2005

Nursing Management


MARY SEACOLE, the Afro-Caribbean nurse, whose bicentenary is being celebrated this year, was a true eccentric. Not because she behaved bizarrely, but because she...

Reflection, return to practice and revalidation

25 June 2015

Nursing Older People


This article explores the use of reflection and critical thinking during a return-to-practice programme, demonstrating both concepts and their value in developing...

Nursing and the Research Assessment Exercise: what counts?

01 September 1993

Nurse Researcher

Issues in research

Two significant events for British nursing research took place during 1992. First, the Higher Education Funding Council’s (HEFC) Research Assessment Exercise (RAE)...

Careful reasoning goes into restoration decisions

26 March 2002

Nursing Standard


I was astonished to read Alison Norman’s comment that restoration decisions were made by UKCC Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) members ‘at the end of a long day’...

Controlling interest

23 July 1988

Nursing Standard


The last month has been a busy one for Dr Jane Robinson, what with being temporary World Health Organisation adviser at the Pan European Nurses' Conference in Vienna...

More resources are needed to address poor end of life care

25 February 2015

Nursing Standard


Staff nurse Liz Charalambous says nurses need to listen to their intuition and balance evidence-based practice with expert opinion (Reflections February 11).

Belittle leaders

30 January 1991

Nursing Standard

Soapbox education

A prize for the first person to guess this year’s media theme for nursing....

Forging bonds

16 May 1990

Nursing Standard


The reform of nurse education is under way. Schools of nursing around the country have begun the task of amalgamation and college principals and their staff face a...

Practising nursing practice

16 October 1991

Nursing Standard

Viewpoint soapbox

Nursing is a practice discipline! Reputations are staked on this claim, and calling the nurse of the future a 'knowledgeable doer’ must be one of Project 2000's most...

Think Pink

14 November 1990

Nursing Standard

Soapbox education

My heart sank when I read of Graham Pink's suspension by Stockport District Health Authority.