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International perspectives on social media guidance for nurses: a content analysis

Nursing Management

evidence & practice

Aim Aim This article reports the results of an analysis of the content of national and international professional guidance on social media for the nursing...

Introduction to positivism, interpretivism and critical theory

16 March 2018

Nurse Researcher

Evidence & practice

Background There are three commonly known philosophical research paradigms used to guide research methods and analysis: positivism, interpretivism and critical...

Philosophy and quality? TAPUPASM as an approach to rigour in critical realist research

17 January 2019

Nurse Researcher


Background Philosophical principles should guide how research is designed, conducted and appraised. The more traditional and commonly used approaches to positivist...

Disseminating research information through Facebook and Twitter (DRIFT): presenting an evidence-based framework

02 May 2018

Nurse Researcher

Social media

Background The social media platform Facebook boasts of having more than 1,284 million daily active users globally. A large proportion of adults use the internet to...

A nurse-led sleep service for children and young people with disability

25 June 2014

Primary Health Care

Art & Science

Aim To evaluate the outcomes from a nurse-led, community-based sleep hygiene service for children and young people, which was designed and implemented in a community...

Exploring public perspectives of e-professionalism in nursing

05 November 2019

Nursing Management


Background E-professionalism is a term used to describe the behaviours of healthcare professionals, including nurses, in the online environment. While a range of...