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The new world of commissioning

01 May 1996

Nursing Management

General article

The first of April heralded the culmination of many of the structural changes brought about as the natural consequence of implementing the NHS reforms. Regional...

Workforce planning

01 February 1998

Nursing Management

General Article

Workforce planning is of strategic importance, a complex process, and represents a major challenge for all those who seek to address the health needs of local...

Planning ward nursing: legacy or design?

01 May 2003

Nursing Management


FOR WARD MANAGERS trying to balance the demands of financial and clinical governance, any report that offers potential benchmark information and a critique of both...

On the front line

01 September 2003

Nursing Management


STAFF ARE our most valuable asset. But do we have the information, skills, processes and culture to make the most of it? What is clear is that there is no single...

Under cover

01 October 2005

Nursing Management


SEARCHING FOR something to read while delayed at an airport recently, this small, almost insignificant book caught my eye

The leadership challenge in nursing

01 May 1997

Nursing Management

Keyword: leadership

This series of lectures has enabled me to take a wide ranging approach to the subject of leadership, and to air a few deeply held beliefs on the subject, the virtues...

Get a purchase on quality care

01 April 1994

Nursing Management

General article

Over the past two or three months, managers in both purchaser and provider organisations have been frantically trying to conclude the annual contracting round...

Host or ghost purchaser?

01 December 1994

Nursing Management

Host or ghost purchaser?

Of the many changes brought in by the NHS reforms, some have come into effect almost immediately, while others have taken longer to bed in. Most commissioning...

Social network of an internationally connected nurse leader

01 March 2016

Nursing Management

Art & Science

Over the past decade, there has been a proliferation of social media sites offering the opportunity for colleagues to connect with each other locally, nationally and...

Untangling pay modernisation

01 December 2004

Nursing Management


DOCTORS, NURSES, porters, indeed everyone employed by the NHS, have for some time been involved in preparing for, or implementing, the various aspects of pay...