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The implications of Brexit for nurses are challenging

08 March 2018

Cancer Nursing Practice


As abbreviations go, ‘Brexit’ entered the English language only recently, but it is likely to present us with the biggest political change facing the UK for more...

Making things better introducing clinical governance in a specialist palliative care unit

01 July 2002

Nursing Management


IN 2000. Ardgowan Hospice had to face up to the challenges posed by impending changes to monitoring and validation procedures for specialist palliative care and...


19 September 2006

Nursing Standard


The DIPEx website is an established resource that details personal experiences of serious conditions such as cancer, heart disease and mental illness, as well as...

Protecting a rare commodity

24 May 2017

Nursing Standard


On 18 May the European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) celebrated the first European Cancer Nursing Day. We did this to raise the profile of cancer nursing as a...

Keep health services accountable by empowering staff

20 March 2013

Nursing Standard


Raising concerns about poor patient care is an essential part of any nurse’s role, and one of the most significant contributions nurses can make to patient safety.

Open AccessDeath, dying and emotional labour: still relevant after all these years

30 September 2020

Nursing Standard


The paper I have chosen to underpin this article is now 20 years old and was written following a clinical career in acute oncology, hospice care, as well as...

Dementia care: we need to question ‘pad culture’

29 November 2022

Nursing Older People


A new in-depth study on the taboo subject of continence care suggests we need to deliver more humane care for the increasing number of people living with dementia...

Improving the cancer patient experience: lessons from London

01 May 2007

Cancer Nursing Practice

Patient experience

A national review of cancer patients’ experiences identified a significant variation in the scores of those in London when compared to those living elsewhere...

BME deliverance

01 March 2006

Cancer Nursing Practice


Ethnicity is now established as a risk factor in relation to cancer incidence. For example, men of African descent have the highest rate of prostate cancer in the...

£ NHS finances

01 October 2006

Cancer Nursing Practice


Most healthcare professionals working in cancer care in the UK will acknowledge that there has been an unprecedented investment in their specialty by the present...