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01 February 2008

Learning Disability Practice


Scotland has been reassessing how it treats people with personality disorder, culminating in a report ‘Demanding Patients or Deserving People?’ Alex McMahon discusses what changes can be expected

01 September 2005

Mental Health Practice


In the past the evidence on the treatability of people with personality disorder (PD) was poor and little was offered. People with PD generally received less well...

Research should be at the core of nursing

30 May 2017

Nursing Management


If we are to improve management of long-term conditions, and address the needs of our ageing population, we must make nursing research central to nursing practice.

Protecting the vulnerable

19 January 2000

Nursing Standard

Perspectives: opinion

Scotland's nurses are involved in a major debate on the rights and protection of people who lack the capacity to make decisions about their own finances and welfare.

A force for the future

21 March 2000

Nursing Standard

Perspectives: opinion

You could be forgiven for thinking that pay is the only important issue for nurses. It isn't. Nurses are also concerned I about education and training, career struc-...

Evidence-based nursing guidelines on the web

26 October 1999

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

QUALITY HEALTH CARE is the key objective of the health service in Scotland, but how is this to be achieved? One way is to ensure that start nave good advice and that...

Mental health legislation in Scotland

01 April 2000

Mental Health Practice

General Article

The Review of the Mental Health (Scotland) Act 1984 is raising a number of issues and questions regarding the role of nurses but, as yet, there are no firm answers.

Celebrating nursing leadership in the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife

26 March 2020

Nursing Management


This year not only marks the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife, it is the culmination of the three-year Nursing Now campaign to improve health by raising...