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Support junior nurses

26 October 2012

Nursing Management


My recent involvement in an induction programme for newly qualified doctors led me to reflect on the fate of registered nurses who are about to practise for the...

Respect for colleagues is respect for patients

31 August 2011

Nursing Management


Events at Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport, and at Castlebeck care homes have prompted questions about why nurses might want to harm patients.

Using systems thinking in patient safety: a case study on medicines management

Nursing Management

evidence & practice

Systems thinking is used as a way of understanding behaviours and actions in complex healthcare organisations. An important premise of the concept is that every...

Raising concerns and reporting poor care in practice

Nursing Standard

evidence & practice

This article considers the issue of poor care and how nurses should respond when they encounter it. Several reports and inquiries into failings in care have called...

Integrating quality improvement into pre-registration education

20 March 2013

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Healthcare organisations around the world are adopting new strategies to improve the quality of patient care in response to reports of negative patient outcomes and...

Provision of training and support for newly qualified nurses

08 January 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Aim To evaluate nurses’ and ward managers’ experience of the Nurse Foundation Programme (NFP), with a view to improving future programmes. The NFP was introduced in...

Enhanced supervision: new ways to promote safety and well-being in patients requiring one-to-one or cohort nursing

13 March 2019

Nursing Management

Improving care

The number of older people with multiple co-morbidities and cognitive impairment being admitted to hospital is increasing, and behavioural disturbances, such as...

Development of approaches and legislation to optimise nurse staffing levels

24 July 2018

Nursing Standard

Safe staffing

Nurses and the environment in which they work have an important role in patient safety and quality of care. Evidence demonstrates a link between lower nurse staffing...

Using mobile phones, WhatsApp and phone interviews to explore how children’s hospice nurses manage long-term relationships with parents: a feasibility pilot

04 August 2022

Nurse Researcher

Data collection

Background Mobile phones are familiar to most nurses, but the applications available for voice recording and transfer of audio files in research may not be. Aim To...

Identifying the challenges and opportunities of the executive nurse director role in the UK: a scoping review

15 October 2020

Nursing Management


The executive nurse director role is complex and there is significant variation in the expectations and responsibilities placed on it. The main function of the role...