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Writing for Publication in Nursing and Healthcare: Getting It Right

18 July 2016

Nurse Researcher

Book Review

Writing for publication is no longer a task for only the learned few, but getting started can be difficult and even more established writers can still learn new...

Writing for Publication in Nursing and Healthcare

26 October 2016

Nursing Standard

Book Review

Writing for publication is no longer a task for the learned few.

Internet Resources: Getting Started

01 March 2001

Paediatric Nursing


It is now possible to prepare for that interview or assignment without having to brave the elements and travel to the library. Most important, documents may be...

Diabetes on the net

01 February 2002

Paediatric Nursing


The internet can be a useful tool for professionals, parents, children and young people with health problems or questions, such as those dealing with a diagnosis of...

Supporting service users into employment: a literature review

06 December 2012

Mental Health Practice


There is much literature to indicate that people with mental health issues want to work, but in society this group tends to have the highest rate of unemployment and...

Research in response to local need

01 April 2004

Nurse Researcher

issues in research

In entering the higher education arena, nursing and midwifery has had to contend with a number of challenges. Centre stage is the inherent tension between the...

Applying social impact assessment to nursing research

30 July 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Many nurses need to construct a research proposal at some stage of their career and there are multiple texts that provide guidance on doing so. However, most texts...

Child maltreatment: every nurse’s business

18 March 2015

Nursing Standard


Every nurse has a responsibility for protecting children, even nurses who do not work directly with children. However, nurses may be reluctant to deal with child...

Establishing a domestic abuse care pathway: guidance for practice

06 March 2013

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Domestic abuse is an increasing public health concern, and the relationship between such abuse and poor health is now recognised. Guidance produced in 2012 by...

Systematic assessment in child protection: improving outcomes

06 March 2012

Nursing Children and Young People

A&S Science

As part of the multidisciplinary safeguarding team, children’s nurses should have a clear understanding of child protection processes and how they have sometimes...