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01 October 2003

Paediatric Nursing


Open AccessThrough the lens of young people: use of photography in hospital design

09 May 2016

Nursing Children and Young People


Whilst arts in hospitals have been perceived as therapeutic to patients, this paper will share evidence and research to support that photography and...

On the web

01 March 2012

Nursing Children and Young People

Resources Net Doctor is a useful website with information about all medical conditions, including respiratory ailments. There...

Successful respite care needs consultation with children and their families

01 July 2012

Nursing Children and Young People


This is an excellent piece of work that is easily accessible and presented logically. It is well set out in terms of attempting to define the concept of respite care...

Imagery in research

14 January 2015

Nurse Researcher


THE CONSIDERABLE growth of imagery-based research and use of visual methods that seek to engage children and young people has, over the past 20 years, generated...

My study was enriched by involving young people

24 March 2009

Nursing Standard


In an innovative project, I and my co-researchers sought to understand what children and young people wanted by wayof design and colour in a new hospital to be built...

Involving young people as co-researchers in a photography project

26 January 2012

Nurse Researcher


Aim To reflect on involving young people as co-researchers in a photography project in England. Background The literature includes many different approaches to...


01 December 2005

Paediatric Nursing


Giving meaningful choice to children and young people represents a significant, most recent, change in healthcare policy and practice. Many authors have noted that...


01 April 2003

Paediatric Nursing


Both historically and in contemporary work, there is a relative dearth of literature on the effects of hospitalisation and the need for family-centred care (Casey...

Special stories for disability awareness

01 October 2007

Paediatric Nursing

Book Review

At first glance, this book is a series of stories whose heroes and heroines are disabled children, alongside suggestions for activities and photocopiable handouts....