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Quality with quantity

01 November 1992

Elderly Care


The 20th century has seen an unprecedented increase in human life expectancy. In the early 1900s, the majority of people were lucky to reach 50 years of age;...

Paediatric Intensive Care

07 November 2017

Nursing Children and Young People

Book review

Taking a systematic approach to treatment of a critically ill child, this book gives the theoretical underpinning for treatment and clinical decision making in a...

Sponsorship call

24 September 1988

Nursing Standard


I am a state registered nurse who at the age of 41 is seeking to improve her nursing education. I have been offered place on a health visitor course at the...

Children and Young People’s Nursing Skills at a Glance

08 November 2018

Nursing Children and Young People

Book review

This textbook provides the theoretical underpinning for the skills needed by nurses who care for children and young people, including the principles of assessing...