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Globalisation and its implications for health care and nursing practice

25 February 2009

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Globalisation describes the increasing economic and social interdependence between countries. This article examines globalisation in terms of the opportunities and...

Power to gain knowledge

15 February 2012

Nursing Standard


Empowerment is like many other concepts – difficult to define yet assumed to be a good thing. Its Latin origin means ‘being able’. There is an argument that people...

Changing attitudes

26 October 2011

Nursing Older People


For several decades, older people’s nursing has been plagued by a negative image and has been an unpopular career choice for many nurses. However, there is evidence...

Applying social impact assessment to nursing research

30 July 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Many nurses need to construct a research proposal at some stage of their career and there are multiple texts that provide guidance on doing so. However, most texts...

Globalisation and global health: issues for nursing

24 May 2017

Nursing Standard


‘Globalisation’ is the term used to describe the increasing economic and social interdependence between countries. Shifting patterns of health and disease are...

Child maltreatment: every nurse’s business

18 March 2015

Nursing Standard


Every nurse has a responsibility for protecting children, even nurses who do not work directly with children. However, nurses may be reluctant to deal with child...

Establishing a domestic abuse care pathway: guidance for practice

06 March 2013

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Domestic abuse is an increasing public health concern, and the relationship between such abuse and poor health is now recognised. Guidance produced in 2012 by...

Intimate partner violence and the role of community nurses

Primary Health Care

evidence & practice

Intimate partner violence is a common problem that is known to have serious and long-term effects on health across a lifetime. While community nurses are placed to...

Phenomenology and participant feedback: convention or contention?

01 January 2010

Nurse Researcher


Steps to enhance the rigour of qualitative research are much debated in nursing research. Prolonged engagement in the field, maintaining a journal and member checks...

Service evaluation of an independent domestic violence advocate post in a children’s hospital

20 November 2023

Nursing Children and Young People

evidence and practice

Domestic violence and abuse (DVA) has detrimental effects on the health and well-being of children and young people exposed to it, whether they witness or experience...