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Treating Chronic and severe Mental Disorders

01 September 2003

Mental Health Practice

Book Review

This is a comprehensive text book of evidenced-based psychological treatments for a range of psychotic, mood, substance misuse and personality disorders, which were...

Modernising psychosocial intervention education: the new COPE programme

01 November 2005

Mental Health Practice


In previous papers (Bradshaw et al 2000, 2003) we have described an educational programme in psychosocial interventions (PSI) for mental health professionals in...

Promoting mental and physical health in adults with psychosis

24 July 2013

Nursing Standard

Learning Zone

Psychosis is an umbrella term for a range of mental health problems characterised by hallucinations, delusions, and/or becoming inactive or withdrawn. This article...

Using psychosocial interventions in a South African township

01 June 2005

Mental Health Practice


South Africa covers an area of 1.221 million km2 and has a population of approximately 44 million people speaking 11 official languages. Although it is a wealthy...

Helping people with serious mental illness to cut down or stop smoking

12 March 2014

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

The prevalence of smoking in people with serious mental illness is up to 5.3 times higher than in the general population and many die prematurely from...