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Mental health nursing and social control

01 May 1998

Mental Health Practice


The mental health industry' is in chaos. Practitioners and managers are drowning in a deluge of policy initiatives, legislation, and recommendations from reports and...

Madness & murder

01 September 2000

Mental Health Practice


Earlier this year The Guardian (3 June 2000) newspaper - that stalwart of politically-correct thought and tolerant opinion – featured three separate articles about...

Why is murder fascinating and why does it matter to mental health professionals?

23 April 2018

Mental Health Practice

Human violence directed towards other humans causes much harm to individuals, families and friends of victims, communities and whole societies. Despite that harm,...

Living with schizophrenia and atypical medication

10 February 2016

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Background There is no available evidence providing detailed and valid accounts of how people with schizophrenia construct meaning in their lives. Aim To explore the...

Homicide and its effect on secondary victims

26 November 2011

Mental Health Practice


The devastating emotional impact of homicide on the families, friends and close associates of the primary victims is not well understood, and secondary victims...

Well-being, type 2 diabetes and alcohol consumption: a literature review

Primary Health Care

evidence & practice

A diagnosis of type 2 diabetes is associated with lifestyle modifications, one of which concerns alcohol consumption. However, many if not all aspects of an...