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Counselling young binge drinkers

01 February 2007

Mental Health Practice

Book Review

This book, part of the Living Therapy series, aims to give the reader insight into the process of Rogerian non-directive counselling applied to teenagers and young...

Motivation versus need: balanced decision-making in addictions

01 September 2006

Mental Health Practice


Units offering such services as detoxification, stabilisation and respite for problem drug and alcohol users often find that demand outstrips supply. Consequently,...

Methadone maintenance treatment as an effective harm minimisation intervention

01 May 2005

Mental Health Practice


In the area of substance misuse nursing, within a harm minimisation philosophy, the route of administration of an illicit drug is often of more relative concern than...

Treatment motivation in needle exchanges

01 October 2005

Mental Health Practice


Specialist substance misuse nurses working in needle exchanges face a familiar dilemma in their everyday practice. The principal remit of needle exchanges, in terms...

Developing cultural competence in addiction services: the role of clinical leadership

07 March 2019

Mental Health Practice

evidence and practice

Community addiction services must offer treatment to all members of the community, even hard-to-reach groups, such as those from ethnic communities, who are often...