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Social media as a recruitment strategy: using Twitter to explore young people’s mental health

18 December 2017

Nurse Researcher

Evidence & practice

Background The development of a recruitment strategy requires nurse researchers to consider the avenues available to them to fully investigate a phenomenon. In many...

Using consensus from experts to inform a shared understanding of subjective terms

21 March 2019

Nurse Researcher

linguistic clarity

Background Consensus methods such as Delphi studies or the group nominal method have long been used in healthcare research to develop services, processes or policies...

The challenges of researching drug-related emergency department presentations using reviews of medical charts

04 December 2018

Nurse Researcher

instrument design

Background Health research through review of medical charts is a useful way to understand presentations related to the effects and burden of illness, disease and...

Qualitative research interviewing: reflections on power, silence and assumptions

24 September 2020

Nurse Researcher

interview challenges

Background Novice researchers can face many challenges throughout their journey as researchers in training, particularly when interviewing for qualitative research....

Pyschometric testing of the Family Impact of Pain Scale using a sample of families in Australia

22 November 2012

Nurse Researcher

A&S Science

Aim To test the psychometric properties of the Family Impact of Pain Scale (FIPS) using a sample of families resident in North Queensland. Background While pain has...

A four-stage framework for conducting feminist storytelling research

21 February 2019

Nurse Researcher


Background Storytelling is a contemporary research method increasingly used in qualitative interpretive research. Despite its popularity, there is a paucity of...

Reported outcomes for young people who mentor their peers: a literature review

20 August 2018

Mental Health Practice


Mental health issues among young people are increasing and many young people will require support. Mentoring programmes are an effective strategy for the development...

Potential challenges of using narrative inquiry with at-risk young people

16 May 2019

Nurse Researcher

evidence and practice

Background Being ‘at risk’ puts an individual in danger of future negative outcomes. Conducting qualitative research such as narrative inquiry with at-risk...

Peer-to-peer mentoring for and by at-risk young people

10 October 2019

Mental Health Practice

Service users

Background Mentoring is recognised as an important modality in helping others to manage negative events, overcome trauma and encourage personal growth. Aim To...

Innovations in research dissemination: research participants sharing stories at a conference

26 November 2019

Nurse Researcher

research impact

Background The dissemination of findings is a crucial part of research. There are many forms of dissemination and audiences differ depending on the focus of the...