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Emotional intelligence: developing emotionally literate training in mental health

01 December 2004

Mental Health Practice


The term emotional intelligence (El) is now widely used in psychology, counselling, educational literature and, more recently, in management and leadership.

Complementary therapies and research in nursing practice

12 June 1996

Nursing Standard

Complementary therapy

Recent trends in health care demonstrate a dramatic increase in the popularity of complementary therapies among nurses, with many therapies already being integrated...

The concept of space in the context of the therapeutic relationship

10 March 2009

Mental Health Practice


There has been a noticeable shift in the way in which therapeutic space is both conceived of and used in recent years. Where once individual sessions were...

Heart of the matter

01 January 2005

Nursing Standard

Core values

TODAY, IN hundreds of wards, homes and similar care settings, nurses will be going beyond mechanical ‘care pathways’ and technical skills-based interventions to make...

The art of listening in the therapeutic relationship

01 February 2006

Mental Health Practice


Nursing, it has been argued, involves the formation of a meaningful relationship through the development of an effective interpersonal process (Freshwater 2003)....

Prison health care developing leadership through clinical supervision

01 January 2002

Nursing Management

Applied management

CLINICAL SUPERVISION has been high on the nursing practice agenda in recent years (UKCC 1996). While implementation in some specialist areas is more advanced, there...

Developing leadership through clinical supervision

01 February 2002

Nursing Management

Applied management

Last month the authors described the role of the nurse in the prison service, the need for clinical supervision, and the parameters for a project to implement a...

Dear cno..

12 April 2005

Nursing Standard


Any review of a professional discipline and its contribution to the national health and wealth is to be welcomed, at least in principle. However, the announcement of...