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Sitting Together: Essential Skills for Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy

09 April 2015

Mental Health Practice

Book Review

THERE IS growing evidence that mindfulness is useful in reducing stress in healthcare workers and increasing the quality of their interactions with the people they...

Overcoming Depression: A Five Areas Approach

01 February 2002

Mental Health Practice

Book Review

Drawing on his clinical experience in working with those with depression using cognitive behavioural approaches, Chris Williams has designed a practical, self-help...

Better care in amber, red and green

01 June 2008

Mental Health Practice

Email interview

I was delighted to win. It is rare to get acknowledgement for the work that we do as consultant nurses, so to get public recognition in front of colleagues whom I...

Psychiatric Nursing Contemporary practice

01 May 2008

Mental Health Practice

Book Review

This book has been designed for student nurses in the United States by scholars based there. Its main aim is to prepare students for National Council of State Board...

Palliative Care within Mental Health: Principles and Philosophy

09 April 2014

Mental Health Practice

Book Review

IT IS difficult not to judge a book by its cover, when it has a funereal glossy black cover with large white microscopic snowflake illustrations and its title...

The zoning revolution

01 December 2006

Mental Health Practice


Concerns about standards and quality of care in acute inpatient wards (AIWs) have been well documented (Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health 1998, Moore 1998, Rose...

Valerie Cowie Former RCN head of labour relations 1933–2010

30 March 2010

Nursing Standard


Valerie (Val) Cowie OBE, who died on February 23, worked to raise the professional status of nursing and, as RCN head of labour relations, played a significant role...

The thorn nurse training initiative

04 January 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical Mental Health

There has been growing concern in recent years that psychiatric community care has drifted away from clients suffering from serious mental illness, as the main focus...

Systematic Treatment of Persistent Psychosis

01 July 2003

Mental Health Practice

Book review

This brief manual describes the psychological approaches that facilitate recovery in young people with first episode psychosis. The authors, Tanya Herrman-Doig, Dana...

Mental health nurses should be the focus of the NHS plan

09 September 2019

Mental Health Practice


With little fanfare, the NHS published a plan this summer for ‘the most ambitious transformation of mental healthcare England has ever known’.