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Designing and Delivering Dementia Services

31 January 2014

Nursing Older People

Book Review

PUBLISHED AT the perfect time, with political will in tune with professional and public awareness of demographic changes and service weaknesses, this book offers a...

It is unfair for GPs to be paid £55 for every dementia diagnosis

29 October 2014

Nursing Standard


The government proposes to pay GPs £55 for every diagnosis of dementia they make. The aim is to motivate doctors to assess and diagnose dementia so that the number...

Solution-oriented learning to build resilience in mental health nursing students and recently qualified nurses

04 May 2018

Mental Health Practice


Increasing concerns about nursing students’ mental health and the retention crisis facing nursing mean it is essential that staff working in nurse education develop...

Transcultural nursing strategies for carers of people with dementia

31 March 2016

Nursing Older People

Art & Science

Caring for a family member with dementia is stressful, and carers from all backgrounds often feel overwhelmed and under-supported. Professional and family carers’...

Reflections on a visit to a dementia care village

01 July 2013

Nursing Older People

Art & science

Hogewey village in Holland offers an alternative lifestyle for people with dementia. The model minimises disability and maximises wellbeing by providing a physical...

A collaborative approach to health promotion in early stage dementia

08 May 2013

Nursing Standard

Learning Zone

Dementia affects all aspects of a person’s life, including memory, functioning, emotions and social relationships. Dementia care is a national priority because of an...

Collaborative health promotion in middle and later stages of dementia

15 May 2013

Nursing Standard

Learning Zone

Dementia is a progressive terminal condition affecting all aspects of a person’s functioning. People with dementia require sensitive communication approaches and...

Solution oriented learning: an innovative approach that promotes motivation and resilience

29 August 2018

Mental Health Practice


This article explores the use of solution-oriented learning as an approach to coping with formal learning and practice development needs. The article explains each...

Nursing students’ experiences of delivering dementia friends sessions to peers

16 August 2018

Nursing Older People

case study research

Background Nursing students and registered nurses often feel underprepared for their roles in dementia care. Extracurricular activities offer nursing students...

Living well in older age: what can we learn from the Japanese experience?

22 January 2019

Nursing Older People

healthy ageing

Japan has the most aged population in the world. Not only do people live longer in Japan, they also age better. While the ageing population reflects a success story...