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Spiritual care for sick children of five world faiths

01 December 2006

Paediatric Nursing


The holistic care of those with a specific religious faith and those with a spiritual belief is important for good family-centred care. Within a busy clinical...

Pre-operative fasting guidelines for children having day surgery

03 May 2011

Nursing Children and Young People


Communication between child, family and health professionals is an important component in promoting effective clinical practice for children undergoing day surgery...

Inter-professional collaboration and children with asthma

01 December 2002

Paediatric Nursing

Professional issues

Asthma is a distressing, potentially serious chronic chest condition and optimal care is dependent on good inter-and intra-professional collaboration. Effective...

Pseudo children: a cause for concern?

01 July 2003

Paediatric Nursing


Two adults claiming to be children were admitted to a children’s ward in a district general hospital in London, within a week of each other. This phenomenon poses a...

Informed choice for adolescents

01 December 2001

Paediatric Nursing


In recent years, the number of 12-16 year olds being admitted to an adolescent unit within children’s wards or to separate adolescent units has increased as new...

Family myths of a child’s identity and the effect on service provision

05 October 2009

Learning Disability Practice


This article examines parental and family myths regarding children, with particular concentration on the child with severe developmental disabilities who may never...

Evaluation of a study day on child and adolescent mental health services

13 February 2014

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Child and adolescent mental health is a specialty that can fall between children’s and mental health nursing, with neither specialty including a significant amount...

Emergency baptism by health professionals

01 March 2005

Paediatric Nursing


Health professionals caring for ill babies and children understand that their condition can deteriorate very quickly. They are aware that their holistic duty of care...

Forever a child: analysis of the Ashley case

01 March 2008

Paediatric Nursing


Concerned for her future, the care-givers of a profoundly disabled girl (Ashley) consented to her having growth attenuation using high dose oestrogen, a hysterectomy...

Factors involved in young people’s decisions about their health care

27 November 2011

Nursing Children and Young People


Many factors influence the process a young person goes through when deciding to consent to or refuse treatment. A young person’s physiological and psychological...