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The family way

01 April 2002

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

In the past, many parents with learning disabilities had their offspring taken into care. Thankfully, we now see increasing numbers of parents caring for their...

The importance of specialist advocacy services for parents with learning disabilities

10 February 2010

Learning Disability Practice


Parents who have learning disabilities often require additional support to be able to look after their children and keep them from being taken into care. Sue English...

Parents in partnership

01 July 2000

Learning Disability Practice


STATISTICS INDICATE THAT the number of parents with learning disabilities who are becoming known to support services is rapidly increasing (McGraw 1998). Research...

assessing parenting skills when working with parents with learning disabilities

01 May 2005

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

Growing numbers of people with learning disabilities are now choosing to live an ‘ordinary life’ and have children (Booth and Booth 1994). Meanwhile, the number of...

Training for parents with learning disabilities

01 February 2005

Primary Health Care


Whereas there used to be a general consensus that people with learning disabilities could not and should not become parents (Thurman et al 1985), growing numbers of...