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Health promotion breaks the mould

01 November 1993

Emergency Nurse


In the past, nurses have been prepared to undertake tasks ranging from cooking breakfast to endotracheal intubation. A&E nurses have taken on a number of medical...

Caring in nursing practice

01 September 2009

Nursing Management

Book Review

BAUGHAN AND Smith take a refreshingly grounded approach to the study of everyday healthcare practice while gradually introducing theoretical ideas that can support...

24-hour Primary Care

19 April 2000

Nursing Standard

Book Review

The broad focus of this volume, as the title suggests, is how primary care might best be delivered outside normal surgery hours. Separate chapters offer critiques of...

The Symptom Sorter

21 April 1999

Nursing Standard

Perspectives: books

Once in a while, a book is published that hits the proverbial nail on the head in its applicability to clinical practice and this book is one of them.

Building Bridges: The Future of GP Education

29 September 1999

Nursing Standard

Perspectives: reviews

This volume provides a brief overview of educational development in general practice. The material comes from a symposium on the development of education-service...

Anatomy and Physiology

22 September 1999

Nursing Standard

Book Review

This is an attractive book that explores anatomy and physiologyin a traditional, systems-based format. It contains sufficiently detailed information for it to...

A call to arms for practice nurses

22 August 2001

Nursing Standard

Book Review

This book provides a potted history of the development of practice nursing, highlights key landmarks in the emerging concept of advanced practice and explores the...

Developments in primary care

17 March 1999

Nursing Standard

Book Review

A book that, according to the flysheet, provides information on the research options for individuals and practices, this text brings together an extensive list of...

Caring in nursing practice

12 May 2009

Nursing Standard

Book Review

I liked this book, although I suspect its approach and style will polarise readers. Jacqui Baughan and Ann Smith take a refreshingly grounded approach to unpicking...

E-Pathways Computers and the Patient’s Journey Through Care

12 November 2003

Nursing Standard

Book review

This timely book begins with a brief introduction to the definition and benefits of care pathways but focuses on the limitations of current approaches rather than...