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Multisensory rooms and environments

01 February 2009

Learning Disability Practice

Book Review

Susan Fowler ’s first book Sensory Stimulation provided advice and guidance regarding sensory work with people with profound and multiple learning disabilities...

Developmental drama

01 June 2012

Learning Disability Practice

Book Reviews

THE AUTHOR of this book has more than ten years’ experience in enabling children and adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities, or with severe learning...

The information challenge

27 August 2014

Learning Disability Practice


THE EFFECTIVENESS of learning disability professionals’ work can depend on their ability to share information.

Helping Service Users to Understand Dementia

01 September 2013

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

As people with learning disabilities live longer, they become more likely to experience or encounter dementia. Many will live with fellow service users who have been...

Assessment of capacity: reflections from practice

08 September 2011

Learning Disability Practice


Completing mental capacity assessments for individuals is a complicated process that presents professionals with many challenges. The authors set up a system to...

The information challenge: an aid to understanding

01 December 2012

Learning Disability Practice


Making information accessible involves deciding which format to use and prioritising the information that is provided. Prioritisation is often not taken into account...

Computer software can help users to make informed decisions

07 July 2010

Learning Disability Practice


This article assesses the Clicker 5 reading and writing software package to help people with learning disabilities and others achieve a better understanding of and...

Investigating accessible information formats with people who have learning disabilities

12 March 2020

Learning Disability Practice


Background Providing people who have learning disabilities with accessible information can encourage them to engage with their health and with healthcare services,...