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01 July 2001

Learning Disability Practice


The aim of this article is to encourage the reader to develop a deeper knowledge base of the issues of continence and its management for people with learning...

Partnerships in

01 September 2001

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

The life expectancy of people with Down syndrome has increased dramatically over the last 50 years and this has highlighted the susceptibility of these individuals...

Training for success

01 February 2002

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

In recent years a considerable amount has been written about Alzheimer’s disease in people with Down syndrome. Most of this literature highlights the need to train...

Collaborating for quality

01 March 2000

Learning Disability Practice


Major changes have been noted in morbidity and mortality patterns for people with Down’s syndrome (Carr 1994), largely because of developments in medical science,...