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Screening for learning disability in primary care: an examination of feasibility against the Wilson-Jungner criteria

01 December 2022

Learning Disability Practice

Health inequalities

People with learning disabilities face major health inequities and reducing these requires the learning disability to be recognised in the first place. There are...

Effects of dance on mood and potential of dance as a mental health intervention

26 January 2021

Mental Health Practice


Background Restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in people having to find new ways to exercise. One such way is dance, an activity that can be...

Assessing the effects of satisfaction with friendships and autistic-like traits on psychological well-being

19 April 2022

Mental Health Practice


Background Friendships are important for people’s mental health, while being able to recognise other people’s emotions assists in developing and maintaining...

Determining the accuracy of an online screening tool in identifying learning disability in autistic people

31 August 2023

Learning Disability Practice


Background It is crucial that children and young people and adults with a learning disability are identified in a timely manner so that they can access appropriate...

Emotion recognition and processing style in children with an intellectual disability

20 May 2019

Learning Disability Practice

Quantitative research

Aim People with an intellectual disability generally have poorer emotion recognition than their typically developing peers, but there is limited research on how this...