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Care of the terminally ill

01 April 1998

Learning Disability Practice


There are various reasons why residential care homes for people with a learning disability may feel unable to care for a terminally ill resident.

How People with Autism Grieve, and How to Help

01 February 2014

Learning Disability Practice

Book Review

THE AUTHOR of this book is a consultant and public speaker on managing challenging behaviour in people on the autistic spectrum.

The preferred place of care for people who are dying

09 July 2009

Learning Disability Practice


This article considers the factors that influence where people with learning disabilities are cared for at the end of life, and where they die. It is based on the...

‘Getting on’ with cancer

01 June 2003

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

Most people worry when they are told they have cancer. They also become anxious if somebody close to them develops the condition. Typical questions include: ‘What is...

The benefits of gaining research experience through a secondment

25 January 2017

Learning Disability Practice

Evidence & practice

This article describes one learning disability nurse’s experience of being seconded to work on a research project in a university setting. The nurse Tracey Rose and...

Breaking bad news to people with learning disabilities and dementia

02 September 2015

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

People with learning disabilities are now enjoying a longer life expectancy than ever before as a result of enhanced medical and social interventions and improved...