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A question of Wellbeing

01 November 2001

Learning Disability Practice

News feature

Adolescence is a difficult time for every young person, with many changes and upheavals to deal with. Indeed, the Mental Health Foundation’s Bright Futures report...

Spiritual healing

01 June 2004

Learning Disability Practice

News feature

Spirituality is a basic human need and a human right. Most would agree that spirituality is a dimension of human experience within which people seek to find meaning,...

The dignity of risk

01 July 2000

Learning Disability Practice


SERVICES FOR PEOPLE with learning disabilities have come a long way but the Choice Initiative, a two-year programme from the Foundation for People with Learning...

Meeting the Emotional Needs of Young People with Learning Disabilities

01 October 2003

Learning Disability Practice

Book review

The first booklet is a short, concise and very welcome resource for families who are supporting a young person with a learning disability on that exciting but very...

Report should be free to all ENs

18 June 1997

Nursing Standard


We are writing in response to the findings of tine UKCC’s survey on ENs. As ENs who are completing a professional development course we urge the UKCC to act upon the...