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Spinal cord injury: anatomy and physiology of the spinal cord

01 December 2004

Emergency Nurse


The imminent arrival of spinal injured patients at emergency departments often sparks fear in all but the most experienced clinicians.

Spinal cord injury: acute care management

01 March 2005

Emergency Nurse


The first two articles in this series described the anatomy and physiology of the vertebral column and spinal cord, and examined the aetiology and patho-physiology...

Spinal cord injury: causation and pathophysiology

01 February 2005

Emergency Nurse


The incidence of spinal cord injury worldwide stands at about 20 new cases per million of population a year (Glass 1999), but is double this figure in the US (DeVivo...

Learning disabilities: can arts and crafts help mental health?

11 April 2024

Learning Disability Practice

Evidence and practice

People with learning disabilities experience poorer mental health than those in the mainstream population (Sheerin 2017). Much of this comes not from any underlying...

Early pressure ulcer development in spinal cord injured patients

01 November 2004

Emergency Nurse


The ongoing international debate on the management of spinal cord injured patients has been reflected in the Irish healthcare system by a move over the past ten...

Health and wellness in rural Malawi: a health development initiative

Primary Health Care

evidence & practice

A nurse-assisted, community-led health initiative, part of a Canadian-Irish project called ‘Transformative Praxis: Malawi’, has been developed with the aim of...

Functional loss in older adults with intellectual disabilities and dementia

30 June 2022

Learning Disability Practice


Background Diagnosing dementia in people with intellectual disabilities can be challenging due to pre-existing cognitive impairment. In this population, functional...

Exploring mental health issues in people with an intellectual disability

14 November 2019

Learning Disability Practice

psychiatric disorders

Mental health concerns are prevalent in regard to those with intellectual disability. There are many reasons for this, some of which may relate to the causation of...