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Born in the USA: learning the lessons on improving people’s quality of life

01 June 2002

Learning Disability Practice


Quality of life is a difficult concept to describe. While we may know what it means to us as individuals, it is difficult clearly to identify how service provision...

Scotland the brave

01 February 2005

Learning Disability Practice

News feature

Learning disability nurse education in Scotland is undergoing a shake-up in the wake of a new report published by NHS Education for Scotland (NES).

Twice the professional?

01 December 2002

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

There is a general recognition that the quality of services provided to people with a learning disability is heavily dependent on the skills, training and experience...

Self-awareness and reflection: exploring the ‘therapeutic use of self’

01 April 2005

Learning Disability Practice

Practice & research

he way we view a person and his or her behaviour is linked to our underlying assumptions and attitudes. The factors that influence how we react to people mean that...

Supporting students to care for people with learning disabilities

29 March 2016

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

NHS Education for Scotland is working with higher education institutions and other partners to contribute to recommendations outlined in Strengthening the...

The ward managers’ premier league

01 June 2005

Nursing Management


FOR SOME TIME NOW, effective teamwork has been considered essential to the delivery of high quality health care (Major2002, Ryan1994, Webster2002), with team nursing...