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Valuing a new deal for families? people

01 October 2001

Learning Disability Practice

White paper

Introducing the recent White Paper (DoH 2001a), prime minister Tony Blair noted: ‘At best, they [parents] can feel obstacles are constantly put in their way by...

Misplaced and forgotten?

01 February 2002

Learning Disability Practice


Since 1998, the Growing Older with Learning Disabilities (GOLD) programme at the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities (part of the Mental Health...

Going the extra mile

01 March 2001

Learning Disability Practice

News feature

Kathleen Fray had Down’s syndrome and later developed dementia. Her sister Margaret had cared for Kathleen for over 30 years prior to her hospital admission, and...

The ‘nearest relative’ role under the Mental Health Act

12 May 2015

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

The nearest relative role is a statutory safeguard for people who may be subject to the formal powers of the Mental Health Act 1983 in England and Wales. It survived...

Going the extra mile

01 April 2001

Nursing Older People

News comment

People with Down’s syndrome are far more likely to develop dementia than the general population, and at a younger age. With the increased life expectancy of people...

Why evidence-based nursing

18 November 1998

Nursing Standard


HIGH-QUALITY CARE should be a right for every patient. Evidence-based health care, including nursing, is about integrating research evidence with clinical expertise,...

Intercourse after myocardial infarction

18 July 1990

Nursing Standard

Clinical coronary care

If the nurse is to restore the coronary patient to optimum functioning, his or her sexual needs cannot be ignored. Although discussion of this intimate aspect of the...


13 February 1991

Nursing Standard


There has been a recent and fairly dramatic growth of academic appointments in nursing: in the United Kingdom there are now professors of nursing, nursing studies,...

Just a minute

20 October 1999

Nursing Standard


The time of onset of heart attacks

05 February 1992

Nursing Standard

Clinical cardiology

During the past three decades there has been a great deal of interest in circadian rhythms, which are body rhythms with a cycle length of about 24 hours (1). Most...