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Patient centred care: lessons from the medical profession

01 April 2005

Emergency Nurse


The reform of emergency care has led to a significant rise in the prevalence of emergency nurse practitioners (ENPs) in emergency departments (National Audit Office...

Thriving or surviving? Challenging the boundaries of ENP practice

01 April 2000

Emergency Nurse


Over the past decade, the emergent role of the emergency nurse practitioner (ENP) has enhanced the quality of emergency care in A&E departments and minor injury...

Paediatric Minor Emergencies

01 October 2008

Emergency Nurse

Book Review

There are many books about paediatric emergency care available, but most of them focus on care in emergency departments rather than in other unscheduled care...

Sampling rare populations

01 July 2008

Nurse Researcher


There has long been an acceptance among academics and policy-makers that rare populations are hard to locate (Sudman and Kalton 1986, Kish 1991). Sometimes a...

Alcohol-related presentations in the emergency department

14 May 2008

Nursing Standard


Alcohol-related problems and binge drinking pose continuing challenges to nurses nationally and internationally. To provide optimum care for this vulnerable group...

Around the world in eighteen days

01 April 1997

Emergency Nurse

Feature global nursing

Hong Kong, one of the last bastions of the British Empire, is to be handed over to China this year. For this reason we felt a visit to this city would be timely. We...

Terrorism: the reality of blast injuries

01 December 2005

Emergency Nurse


The bomb attacks on the London transport system on July 7 this year brought home the reality and horror of terrorism to nursing staff at St Mary’s Hospital, in the...

Festive breaks

01 March 2008

Emergency Nurse


Among traditional leisure activities, ice skating outdoors can bring to mind the most romantic imagery.

Recognising the survivors of torture

01 July 2000

Emergency Nurse


The end of the 20th century bore witness to an unprecedented rise in the flow of refugees and asylum seekers to the western world. The abrupt end of the cold war and...

Telemedicine — the technology and its applications

01 March 2000

Emergency Nurse


The prefix ‘tele’ means distance in Greek, and so telemedicine means delivering health care at a distance. Telemedicine has been practised at a distance for...